Bts reaction to you sleeping on the floor

Enjoy! Originally posted by softjeon. He’ll probably make some warm snacks, tea and Bts reaction to disciplining their child. Jin- The sweetheart would always really adore how you never swear, and think BTS reaction to you fake sleeping when they kiss you. While reaching into your bag for your car keys you noticed your wallet is missing. BTS Reaction - When you start talking in your sleep Thank you @classydeerfox for your request! :) Jin You woke up by him laughing and falling down on the floor. Nothing was fine. BTS Reaction To You Holding Their Hand Because You’re Scared BTS Reaction To You Flinching When They Get Close To You BTS Reacting Them Being Your Weakness BTS Reaction To You Wanting To Go Fishing For A Date. request from anonymous. 1. He would hold you close ,kiss you on forehead and sing you quietly your favorite song till you fall asleep. “Yoongi. BTS reaction to you roasting them. Jimin was woken up by your quiet whimpers, he slid his hand up your front and cupped your cheek, turning your face towards him. “I’m sorry that you feel that way. Right when you reached the door, you fumbled with the keys quickly unlocking it. Sorry this took so long and hope you like it! Remember that requests are always open, guys! Also, to the two anons that requested a Zico smut, if not posted tomorrow, it’ll be posted sometime this week! I’m so sorry for the delay! BTS REACTION: to saying something hurtful to you 🍒 🍒 🍒 🍒 • 🐹KIM SEOKJIN 🐹 seokjin had come home from a long day at work. BTS Reaction to coming home to you in a cocoon of blankets I just want to say sorry if this wasn’t the fluffy fluff you were looking for. Can you pretty please write one for me? Situation is their s/o is a bit heavy or thinks they are BTS Reaction - You Getting Sick After Your First Time Seokjin - When you’d run off after your first time and start being sick Jin wouldn’t waste anytime and would immediately try to help you. He didn’t plan to wake you, but instead he fetched your blanket from the bedroom and covered you with it. You were stumbling across the floor in an attempt to walk towards the staircase, . You were pouting, cold sweat glistening on your forehead. “Kookie please tell me you’re joking. ” Tears stream down your faces and your knees begin to give out. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find the tv remote. ” You stood up and walked into the middle of the floor. . Jimin stopped singing when he felt your body go slack and turned a bit to look at you. ” You slowly opened your eyes and saw an exhausted Yoongi looking at your with sad eyes. - You’re lucky you don’t suck or you would’ve spent the night on the floor. He sits on your bed and you grab your purse. You didn’t need to rush… you rushed enough on a daily basis to even think about rushing now. Bts Reaction: You're playing the peppero game and another guy forces a kiss . Eating when he was around and lying about how much sleep you had been getting. BTS Reaction | The Other Members Have Feelings For You Seokjin: He wouldn’t know what to do when he realised that the other members had feelings for you. That admittedly needs two at once. BTS Reaction to You Sleeping Late. ” You laughed, getting up to get dressed. But Jin would be to shy to return the favor until you‘re all alone. BTS reaction to you walking in on them naked. Yoongi’s emotions would eventually mellow, and you can be sure he will never ever let you go anywhere without him ever again. “Don’t you ever think I am not strong enough” you felt his hand slide behind your shoulder while the other slid under your knee. You woke up quietly, no panting, no crying, no screaming. Jungkook: When he saw you ,laying on the bed,he assumed that you had fallen asleep, but something was wrong. “Hey wake up, you’ll catch a cold. You  29 Apr 2018 BTS Reaction: You sleep over not having the stuffed animal you “And here I was about to sleep on the floor so you wouldn't be here alone. 21 May 2017 BTS reacts to you waking up crying over a silly dream Hiyaa snoopy I need my beauty sleep and you're here crying over an ice cream . He made his way to the two year old’s room, peeking his head in. notes: for the lovely person who requested this! i decided to do something different and do a gif reaction instead and i also tried to keep this as gender neutral as possible. Bts reaction to you being very cuddly, even around the members ~ ”Bts reaction to you being very cuddly, even aroujd the members? I just found your acc and I luvittttwtahahwebehwe” Aw thank you! i BTS REACTS TO YOU DANCING: (25 days of Bangtan: Day 1) Namjoon: NamJoon walks into the studio an hour early before anyone else to get a little more work done as he opens the door to the dimly lit Bts reaction to when they have a crush on you and they get jealous when another get close or flirts with you. ” You told him, “Aight. But then… we would probably paint all over your face and take a lot of photos. Request: BTS reaction to girlfriend staying up very late each night (like up to 1-3am) because she stays up watching youtube videos or scrolling through her social media (like tumblr) thanks~ BTS Reaction: Tickle Fights (Hyung Line) Admin Floss requested this so I am morally obligated to bless ur eyes with some fluff (also i may or may not post a new chapter tomorrow, we shall And you, well, won’t really offer him just one thigh to sit on. ” and went back to your sleep. It felt like your body was on BTS reaction to you falling asleep on them during a movie Summary: you’re watching a movie with him and you end up falling asleep on them. You would never get back to sleep now, so you headed down to the kitchen to make yourself some coffee feeling oddly numb. Before you was the limp body, blood draining out of it, the skin ghostly pale. A few seconds passes, but there’s no answer. BTS Reaction To Their Child Asking Them How They Met The Mom. He was just always so relaxed and chill that a comfortable warm feeling enveloped you and your eyes closed automatically so you could listen to his breathing and block out the rest of the world. “I wish I was but no. He did his best to care for you during times of stress, but he didn’t realize how much it was getting to you. The sheets were tossed on the floor and now the bitter air was burning into you. Hoseok: He grabs you and starts dancing, causing it to slip out, but the creak of the floor boards masks the sound and the food in the oven covers the smell. He smiled when he saw your peaceful sleeping face. You agreed, but as you begin to learn the dance, you remember that you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in almost two weeks. BTS Reaction #14 - Waking up in the middle of the night really having too pee, but you’re cuddling them anon asked : bts, blackpink, GOT7, and exo reaction to them waking up in the middle of the night, really having to pee, but their s/o who is still asleep reaches out subconsciously when they try to get up and wraps them in a hug/cuddles “Yoongi,” He hummed in response but didn’t move a bit, still focused on his computer. BTS Reaction to You Talking In Your Sleep. You listened to music and talked and even cuddled a little. You sighed from your spot on the couch in his studio but decided to not give up on getting his attention. But it wasn’t fine. You were still asleep. ” You tried keeping them open but the warmth of all the blankets surrounding you had taken over bringing you to a senseless sleep. BTS reaction when they see you sleeping, cuddling a stuffed animal they gave you THIS IS SO CUTE AHH!! All credits to the gif owners! Namjoon: Y/N where are you? *walks into your bedroom* You: *sleeps The only light in the room is the one coming from the TV, which is on mute because you cannot bare listening to it anymore. (I’m going to turn it into fun roast instead btw I do not own the jokes I got them off of memes I saw. You went to the bathroom to gather yourself and so you wouldn’t wake up Jin from the sobbing. And just like that you fell asleep in the arms of you loving boyfriend who  before pulling you in close to him and hugging you on the floor for a few minutes. Seokjin: Jin found the fact that even in your sleep you reached out for him absolutely adorable. - Admin RaspberryJam. As he kept singing you slowly drifted off to sleep. 21 May 2019 BTS REACTIONS: When you sleep on them Jin: “Are we going to bed yet You tossed your bag on the floor as you close the door and took off  8 May 2018 BTS reaction : they have to share a bed with their crushgenre : fluff, He was not going to let you sleep in the car or with anyone else. Anonymous said: Could you do a BTS reaction where you are innocently doing something innocently and they think dirty? Answer: heehee this was fun to write – i hope you enjoy and thank you for the A Secret Admirer | BTS Reaction. You could see the boys sitting on the floor, enjoying food and talking  6 Jun 2017 BTS reaction to coming home from a long tour late, to find you and your He'd find you in your baby's room, asleep on the floor leaning up  17 Aug 2017 BTS Reaction | finding their crush asleep in a funny / cute position request: “Hi, He fell asleep on the bed and you must have crawled in bed as well with your feet upwards and your head just an inch away from the ground. request: “Hi!Can I get a reaction of BTS when they see you after two years of you being missing / left out of their life without telling them or no track EOF you? BTS Reaction- s/o assuming they cant carry them Anon asked: I am in love with your reactions so much. You make your way over there, and knock a few times on the door before entering his room. Requested: no, and don’t ask but its a kink i got so leave me alone :P Disclaimer: some are smutty so i mean…. When he got home, he quickly took a shower and then went to your bedroom. You felt how Jins grip decreased, hinting that he had probably fallen asleep. The white BTS Reaction - Another Member Teasing You Because You Couldn’t Walk Thinking You Had A Rough Night CONTEXTYou grabbed your back in pain as your muscles ached all over. Jin: You left the gym after your routine workout. “The bed was too hot” he whines spreading himself out on the floor. You turned off your phone to wrap up Taehyung’s chicken and rice. You typed as fast as you could without making mistakes trying to finsih your thought before Jin came back. “Why do you have to be so beautiful?” He’d mutter to himself before turning to face you so he could gently brush his fingers over your hair. Yoongi: You were both in bed one night cuddling before you went to sleep. He’d order your meals for you and ask questions at stores BTS | Their 6 Month Old Falls Asleep In One Of Their Hoodies Anonymous said: Could I have a BTS reaction to their 6 month old falling asleep in one of their hoodies Y/S/N Your Son’s Name Y/D/N Your Bts Reaction To You Not Sleeping. Soft moans escaped from both of your lips, though him being so extra also made him the loudest of you two. Once Jimin got off your back and laid down back next to you, you were dead asleep. A/N: Thank you so much ^-^ If I haven’t posted your requests yet, I’m not ignoring you, I’m currently working on 20+ different reaction requests but I’ve scheduled them to be posted over the next few weeks! BTS reaction to when you sleepy tell them that you love them and hug them while kissing their shoulders. ) Rm: “ sorry Namjoon once you get better at not breaking things then come at me. BTS REACTION TO THEIR S/O CUPPING THEIR FACE AND KISSING THEM Namjoon: He’d heard you come in the studio and he was quick to save his file so that he could turn his full attention towards you. Can you Please make a BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they’re too shy to ask but the boys sorta figures it out that they wanna cuddle? pleease and thank youuu For ANON Hope you like it illi Gifs are not mine Namjoon You’ve been chilling on the couch for quite a while now, he was working with his computer on some new The Argument | BTS Reaction Summary : You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. Groaning he cracked his eyes open. He wasn’t interested in your playful bickering. The stillness screamed around you as tears flowed out in a cascade of salty liquid. “Y/N for fucks sake, everyday you’re here. A/N: lol thnx, we lov the name too (he got a good jawline) but thanks for requesting, I rlly lov this idea! -amelia ps. “He’s in his room. . You’re his s/o and the thought of someone You hear the door bell and run to see kookie standing their With his bag and smiles. Requested by anon~Could I ask for a BTS reaction? The boys coming home one night to a christmas decorated house and their girlfriend laying fast asleep on the couch cuddling their stuffed animal please? BTS reaction to you being shy with them sleeping at your house. Genre: Angst and fluff. Anonymous said: Bts reaction when they elbow your boobs and you act dramatic about it like falling on the floor or saying something dramatic 😂 Answer: “Here ya go~ ” Seokjin: You and Jin were enjoying You’d been fighting sleep this whole time, so you had no trouble letting the music of the ending credits lull you to sleep. It became quiet outside after a few hours that he barred himself in his studio, so he took a look outside and sighted at the look of you sleeping on the floor. BTS reaction : finding you sleeping in their bed (situation: dating for 2 weeks only ) Taehyung: First, he would appreciate you. BTS Reaction: You Passing Out from Exhaustion. Or anything, to be honest. He would talk and talk about something like a new T. exo reaction to finding you asleep on the floor. A relieved breath would leave his lips and he’d slowly relax while he watched you sleep peacefully. Taehyung: You moved him to the floor and he pouted, but he felt you above and beside stroking his hair while you slept and then he pondered if maybe one of his actions had upset you before hand. Bts reaction to your insomnia: Request: BTS reaction to girlfriend staying up very late each night (like up to 1-3am) because she stays up watching youtube videos or scrolling through her social media (like tumblr) thanks~ A/N: Oh my god I can relate on so many levels, I sometimes sleep at like 5 am. Hobi had abs, you had fluffines. You sighed and looked out the window at the night sky. Luckily you hadn’t locked the door, so after knocking two more times and after hearing you sob quietly, he pushed the door open and found you sitting on the floor with a razor blade. It feels like you haven’t left the sofa in days, you don’t even sleep in your room anymore, you just watch TV until you fall asleep. He’d BTS Reaction to: You Coming Home Drunk. BTS reacting to you having a panic attack. Could I request a yandere bts scenario or reaction (any member) where their girlfriend is arrested for getting into a fight in a club after the defied bts and snuck out of the house. The world is spinning when you halfway open your eyes and the last thing you see is Jungkook’s worried expression and cries out for your name. I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕 Smol Warning: This involves certain health BTS reaction to you on stage Jin~ being a fanboy of you • Gets very excited when he sees you some out • Taps the other members furiously to get their attention • Smiles and points when they finally BTS Reaction to you while you give them a blowjob (smut) A/N: Hello peeps, this was a reaction/scenario requested by anonymous. Your not even 4 month old son was asleep in your arms, and you were sleeping soundly together. You refused and pulled him closer, burying your face into his chest. Jungkook scoffed at you and shook his head. Jin: He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. Anytime that you rolled over to hold him he would lift his arms and let you get into a comfortable position on his chest before replacing his arms around your torso. 10 Dec 2016 BTS Reaction: Finding You Asleep on the Couch After Setting Up Christmas to sit on the floor next to the couch where you were fast asleep. His first thought was that you had woken him up to talk BTS reaction to you waking up from a nap and seeking cuddles while they were with the boys Jin: Jin would smile as you walked out of his room with messy hair and rubbing your eyes. You start pacing as he looks and sees the ultrasound picture. Thanks for the the request! Thank you. Request: “Hi~ can I please have a bts reaction to his gf having a cardiac alert dog (service dog that let’s her know if somethings up with her heart like high blood pressure ect). “appaaa” she said. Suga- You could hear the sound of leaves crunching under your foot as you ran away from the cabin that yoongi rented out for you on your anniversary. You didn’t stir, too exhausted to hear your daughter’s crying. P. Jin. Anonymous requested: “BTS gif reaction to them coming home and finding you sleeping on top of your sketch pad that had a cute drawing of them(BTS)on it?” You both got caught in a rainstorm and he refused to let you leave so he forced you to sleep with him . Jimin enters the bedroom to discover that you have fallen asleep in his bed and without a bra on. Before you could even react Hoseok was on the floor crying and begging, saying it was a mistake. Namjoon:For the first time he wouldn’t have anything to say. “Hey princess, you need to get up. He’d sand for a few seconds taking in the heartwarming sight before him. Watching him stuff his cheeks like a sqirrel, suddenly leaning in and pecking him on the You felt a sharp, stabbing pain in your chest and it felt like the world around you was crumbling down. The second you walked through the door, he was glaring at you. You told him you were going to the store and to watch the pup. Can you do a bts reaction when you want to cuddle with them but they ar mad at you Answer: So I’m doing this on my phone so naturally there’s no gifs… After acting like a brat you don’t deserve it, be good kitten. BTS Reaction to them finding you asleep on their beds Rap Monster: Where am I supposed to sleep now?! Suga: -gets in bed with you and sleeps- Jin: She’s so beautiful when she sleeps -blows kisses at BTS REACTION to how would they help you fall asleep. Because dammit, you need this precious mochi on your It was a romantic comedy, some light evening entertainment as the both of you were tired and about to fall asleep anyway. When he slept on your sofa during the day, you threw a blanket over his shoulders and watched tv on the floor. Thankies for requesting this. You were very confused when you woke up with an arm around you and his forehead against yours. Jimin: You stood shaking, the cold stone floor beneath your feat sending chills up your spine. You got up from the seat and came up to his chair. Hoseok loved food, you loved food, but there was a difference. Thanks missidol22 for helping me with this! Jin. Bts Reaction To You Not Sleeping BTS. Like is it bts reaction to sleeping with you for the first time. 28 Oct 2017 BTS reaction to you passing out from exhaustionWarning: Angst! (and lots of fluff) I know you haven't been sleeping well these days. You were stressed, no doubt, and above all, you had little to no time to spend with your boyfriend which you were sure was taking a huge toll against your relationship. It had taken forever for the two of you to agree on this movie, now not BTS Reaction | You Want Them To Sit On Your Lap Jimin Phase one: He thinks it’s a bad joke. You and your boyfriend had a fight before you went to sleep and sleeping in separate rooms, but when he wakes up, you're beside him/ he sneaks into the bed where you're sleeping. You bit his shoulder to suppress the needy whimpers falling from your lips, but before you could grow too desperate, you quickly turned around to face your boyfriend. I'm happy you're back! :) Also sorry for my broken english. You both sat in silence for a bit until you decided to go to bed. You wanted to escape the embarrassment from your top coming undone in the pool, resulting in you leaving all the BTS members alone in the chlorinated water as you scurried to your apartment. He pretty much took a leap to get it away from you, having stopped you just in time, before you could have done serious harm to yourself. He just wanted to sleep and get through this humid day. Anon asked: Hotshot’s reaction to finding you sleeping on the couch while waiting for them to get home from work and then later finding out you’re having nightmares. He would take his time washing up while your asleep and then join you in bed and sleep with his arm around you. And once you'd fallen asleep he'd just smile goofily before cuddling into you. You did your best to hide your stress from him. 20 Jan 2018 BTS Reaction / They Find You Asleep Surrounded By School Work Request: water droplets from his hair and tossing the towel on the floor. Seokjin: Jin would find you moaning in your sleep more cute than hot, he loved your moans of course; however when he saw you lying there when he got home late from practice, moaning his name and moving your hips to meet thrusts that weren’t there, he just thought you were the cutest person on the entire planet, he’d walk over to you and attack you But, as he opened the door, he found you collapsed on the wooden floor “Jagiya! are you okay” Originally posted by jjks. But you didn’t even look at him, you just walked out. Hello my kpop fam! Here I am again, with another reaction lol Hope you will enjoy it. He doesnt say anything, just gives a sleeping you a disgusted look. Then you remembered that when you were little, your mom would put you to sleep by singing the first song that came to mind. Bts reaction where their s/o is terrified of the dark? BTS Reaction to you sleeping naked next to them (because it’s gotten to warm in the night to keep on pyjamas) “Smut time for all you thirsty lot! Since me and @kimlisamarie figured this is what you Jimin let his daughter sleep in on the weekends when you weren’t there. He stood up and walked towards you. let me know if i should include gifs from now on or not (: happy reading loves xx BTS reaction to their s/o being scared of the dark marie-sarah said: “This one is gonna be so fluffy like omg. V BTS: His reaction to you trying to leave him ( mafia au) Part 2/2. Originally posted by sugagifs. He won’t even let you complete the sentence because he wouldn’t want you to think of him as weak. He quickly runs out of the practice room to find somebody to take care of you, regretting the fact that he didn’t believe you. You were all just sitting watching a movie, your head being in your boyfriend’s lap, you were slowly drifting off to sleep as you turned around facing his crotch rather than the tv. You grabbed the shirt which you had unbuttoned earlier and threw it away to join yours on the floor. Technically a reaction but more like mini scenarios. After much nagging and begging and pouting he finally agreed. BTS’ Reaction to You Falling Asleep On/Next to Them♡ Kim Seokjin Jin would probably be telling you about something while your head lay on his lap. Most of those times he’ll ask you one and the same question. ” He whispered, gently rubbing her back and pulling back the blanket a bit so he could see her face. You leaned your head against his back, feeling the vibrations. 🦄 I need a little bit of feedback on how I write. You were walking upstairs to the second floor where the nurses said from the last time they saw him. jimin: i think he would be nervous, the kind of guy to sleep on the edge of the bed because he feels like he is going to get into trouble. Seokjin: Sighing loudly, you stretched your arm out to reach for your phone which was placed on the bedside table next to you. “If you like,” he said, voice amused and suggestive, “we could save the clothes and the conversation for later…” –YOONGI– Yoongi was still sleeping when you decided to slip out of bed and make breakfast for the both of you. It’s so easy to embrace him up close, chest to his back. Even you tackling the girl to the floor, throwing fists, probably the wrong way too. he had spent majority of his day arguing with taehyung, yelling back and forth BTS reaction to you being shy Jin: If he knew you were shy, Jin would always make sure you never had to talk in public if you didn’t want to. Suga: I woke up with a sad feeling from last night, as I thought about what happened. The only light in the room is the one coming from the TV, which is on mute because you cannot bare listening to it anymore. I hope you guys enjoy! Bts Reaction-To (y/n) giving them neck kisses in front of the members. i’ve rlly been wanting to use this Jungkook gif. You looked down at yourself and blushed, placing the gun back on the floor and running past him into the bedroom. BTS Reaction #14 - Waking up in the middle of the night really having too pee, but you’re cuddling them anon asked: bts, blackpink, GOT7, and exo reaction to them waking up in the middle of the night, Jungkook: He was unsure of the puppy at first. BTS Reaction to Hearing You Swear While Ranting - Hiii it’s me again XD sorry if i’m spamming you guys but i have lots of time this week hehe :D sooooo ENNNJOOOOYYY!!!!! gifs don’t belong to me You had asked Namjoon to sing you to sleep, but it turned into a laughing fit and you having more energy than before, the opposite of what you wanted. While you are sleeping, he is on the verge of sleep when he hears it. BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I BTS Mafia! Reaction to you being drunk and not recognizing them Kim Seokjin/ Jin Jin would be very confused when he heard loud bangs come from downstairs, pulling his gun he walked downstairs to be literal-ktrash asked:. (oh and fyi the reader has a platonic relationship with the boys, so they’re just close friends. He was You broke out into tears too and you were both a crying mess over dinner. Texts ~None Yet!~ Snapchats BTS reaction: Needing to hear their voice in order to fall asleep . You were trapped in this house and were going to be married off to some nasty old man, you remembered grimly. i--want-to-sleep liked this you need to learn your lesson” you looked at the mess on the floor, it would take you BTS reactions to you having weird sleeping habits. He knocked on the door before entering. Just to brag about how cute you are when you were sleeping. BTS reaction to you sleeping on them. With alcohol still rushing through your veins you chuckled at your friend who had 0$ in her wallet, there was no way you were going to get out of here without help, biting your lip you decide to call your boyfriend. BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep in Their Arms Jin “Y/n, did you see that?!” Jin asked, looking down at you laying in his lap. ” Everyone silently was screaming inside and so was Namjoon. He squirmed a bit in your hold and against your thighs. He would sit next to you and just stare. Either way once you were dead asleep and he was still uncomfortable on the floor he would move up beside you again. BTS Reaction to you (Their Crush) Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder My first reaction! ~Admin 고양이 [[MORE]]Jin: Jin would feel a little bit torn. Originally posted by sugaa. BTS Reaction: You Graduating University A/n: Sorry it’s up so late, I’ve been busy with college and getting my life back on track, but I hope you enjoy it Seokjin:It had been a tough few months, with BTS Reaction First Trimester You thought you were safe from morning sickness until the end of the second month. Although I just need to let you know that this is not gonna be a habit, as I’m starting college in September and won’t be able to commit to something like a writing blog, but expect some reactions from time to time. It takes a lot of time to recompose. jimin- I’m a bad person, i’m a bad person. He sat on the floor across from you and the dog but was surprised when you suddenly moved to get up. You noticed a young man, wearing a coat and a beanie, make his way through a crowd of screaming girls, stopping by to take pictures and such. Jimin: His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. The dream was so intense all you could do was silently sob to yourself. He saw the other man in the bed, and he saw you nearly hanging off the edge of the bed. Not wanting to disappoint him, you continued to follow his steps until you literally feel all the energy leave your body, falling to the floor. She loved it since Jimin allowed her to sleep on the couch downstairs so she could stay up late watching netflix. 24 Sep 2018 BTS Reaction: Waking up after a fun nightMasterlistKim Seokjin He rolled over onto his side You stir in your sleep, pressing back against him. When you cling on him and hug him in your sleep, he might wake up and feel even more awkward, he would blush and try to push your body slowly and carefully in order not to wake you up. You are safe this time…(You are Jungkook) Jimin: BTS reaction to their s/o calling them oppa “Hi there!! <3 May I please request BTS reaction to you calling them oppa for the very first time? them on the floor BTS Reaction to finding you asleep while waiting for them. You spotted him at the front desk looking at someone’s file as you got closer you saw almost like a line of women staring at him and biting their lips at him. btswifi asked: BTS reaction to them accidentally hitting their girlfriend or pushing her off the bed when they are sleeping thank you~ Jin: He’d startle awake as soon as he heard the ‘thump’ of you hitting the floor. ” BTS reaction to you falling asleep in a position that takes whole bed space Anon said: Bts reaction to their s/o falling asleep in a position that takes up the whole bed space Jungkook : Smiles, watches you sleeping a bit and on the end goes to living room to sleep on a couch *gif* Tae values your friendship too much to risk it on a single drunken night, but does he ever want to pounce on the opportunity to sleep with you. On one hand he’d want to look at your cute sleeping His ego is going to be hurt. thank you for the request!!! (spoiler, they all find you yerr((also these are so long im sorry also also sorry for any typos i didn’t proofread this oof) He was wasting your time anyway. Jin: He would find it really cute of you to show that small amount of public display of affection. BTS reaction: You taking care of them when they’re sick Jin Both of you loved trying out new restaurants, especially when you traveled. ” Yeah, I’ve noticed. Soekjin: Jin would be a bit suprised at first, checking if You lose your balance and fall backwards, landing on the floor. bts reaction: you falling asleep on their bed ↳ i dreamt about this scenario… not that i was in it (my dreams arent that good) but that i wrote it lol. Anonymous said: Bts reacts to finding their girlfriend sleeping random places in the house- like on the floor Answer: Seokjin: *brings a pillow and, secretly, joins you so he can watch you Instead he’d just roll you over to one side and sleep on the other. You melted at every kiss he placed on your skin, and he died as you kently tugged his hair. When you walked over him, his lunch in hand, he started going off on you immediately. While you were deep in your thoughts and self pity, you heard your phone vibrate on the counter. BTS reaction to you being shy with them sleeping at your house. You should’ve known there was going to be police around. After BTS’s concert, both of you decided to visit a restaurant Anonymous said: Hey. “What jagi, for real?” But you ask again in sobriety. You’ll figure it out. this is another BTS reaction as requested by @notmoose23 thanks honey you’re requests are actually hella fun to write :)) also this turned out a lot longer than I usually do hahahhahha yay sorry Hoseok walked over to you, kneeled down and gave you a kiss on the nose. ” You said voice quiet as you looked down at your hands. bts mafia reaction: part 2 you’re pregnant and try to leave them (hyung line) part 1 maknae line part 2 masterlist jin Jin chuckled while he walked up the drive way of your shared home. you would have to convince him into sleeping in the same bed. “Y/N you’re hogging all the blanket. 19 Oct 2017 BTS Reactions - They come home to you asleep Your boyfriend is about you up, silently cursing as he knocks the mug onto the floor - luckily  27 Mar 2018 BTS Reaction to You Talking In Your SleepA/N: I have been having dreams Jungkook pouted, plopped on the wood floor of the practice room  1 Oct 2017 BTS Reaction To You Seeing Them HungoverRequested ♡ Scene You pinch the bridge of your nose getting up from your sleeping bag, to roll it up. ” -Anon. request: “hello love!!! i was wondering if you could write a bts reaction to you being stressed out from all the university assignments and essays to the point where you break down? ♡♡♡” BTS reaction: You taking care of them when they’re sick Jin Both of you loved trying out new restaurants, especially when you traveled. A/N: I have been having dreams about bts every night for the past 2 weeks, and I can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing? Anyway, enjoy reading! x. Request: bts reaction where you sleepy tell them that you love them and hug them while kissing their shoulders,, thank you!!! //This is my first time doing reactions so I hope you guys enjoy them. You: Jin. Seokjin: Seokjin would not be bothered by the dog at all. “Alright” you said standing up and stretching out. You huffed and rolled your eyes getting closer as you came up behind him and hugged him. BTS Reaction: Finding You Asleep on the Couch After Setting Up Christmas Decorations. You let out a frustrated sigh as you swung your legs off the bed. He didn’t understand how someone like you could say such things. When you first BTS reaction: you hugging their chest while waiting in line This took a while to answer but it’s done now! Thanks for the patience, honey. Yayay so I opened tumblr up today and found my first request by anon I hope you enjoy BTS Reaction to their girlfriend having to have a cardiac alert dog. “Yeah?” He replied and pulled away to look at your face. Time would heal both your emotional wounds. You quickly noticed your mistake and your once brave facade falters. ” You said a little bit louder this time. Request; bts reaction when having sex in the same room or in a room close to where other members are or just in a place where they could catch you But it wasn’t fine. “Are you hungry? 17:43 18 August 2016 33 Hotshot reaction to you sleeping on the couch & later finding out you had nightmares. As you turned it on, a piercing light emitted from the phone causing you to squint so you could barely see it. bts reaction to you debuting in Big Hit’s new girl group Namjoon: He would be a little nervous about it. S. Jimin had been a complete wreck since the breakup, he hadn’t been eating or sleeping. “Jagi, I’m busy. So he laid down next to you and wrapped one arm around your back. BTS reaction to their s/o being scared of the dark marie-sarah said: “This one is gonna be so fluffy like omg. So basically she has called them and asked to be picked up from jail. ” Originally posted by ksjknj. It wasn’t too long after that Jin had came home, excited to see you but that excitement soon turned into adoration as his heart swelled seeing your body in a burrito of blankets . Warning: If you’re triggered by anxiety inducing topics when I guess you should read at your own risk but it really isn’t bad. You sighed and saved your paper before shutting your laptop. H-he’s gone. Jin smiles back carressing your There was no separating you two, while he worked, you watched; you weren’t a distraction, or a nuisance, you were company. BTS Reaction ┊ Witnessing your short temper for the first time (maknae line) Request: are your request open? if so you should totally do a reaction to the boys’ seeing their s/o’s short temper for You woke up to see Jungkook clutching your pillow in his hand and a weird feeling on your butt. he’d immediately come up to you and ask if it hurt and BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode. Welcome to «Missing You Café»! BTS reactions --> see below (pls note: this is not a professional reaction blog, I just do that every once in a while when I'm bored :) that's why I also don't take requests, sorry) BTS mafia reaction: Disrespecting them infront of their gang. Originally posted by jeonggu. “Alright but only ten” he said making his way to the shower. The sound of crying woke him up from his peaceful dreams. He draped his arm over your hip while you snuggled against his bare chest. “aren’t you lucky i stayed up to help you?” he’ll grumble, picking you up off the floor. yandere!mafia boss bts reaction to their s/o escaping *req. request: “Hi, so if you could, can you please make the guys react to finding their crush on a bed sleeping and either find them in a cute position or funny position. But now he was pouting while sitting on the hard bedroom floor, banned from the bed. Hoseok knew you were too nice to make him sleep on the couch or floor, so he didn’t get mad. BTS Reaction to their S/O having weird sleeping habits and/or hogging the blankets Anon asks: om bTS REACTION TO THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HOGGING THE BLANKETS/ kicking in their sleep/ other weird BTS reaction to you telling them you want to have rough sex. “Jagi! Wake up, it’s like three in the afternoon, let’s go out!” He jumped onto the bed, laying beside you, clapping his hands to make sure you didn’t sleep. “Come on let’s go time to sleep” he said coming behind you. You picked it up to see that Namjoon had replied to you. “No. You were awoken shortly after by the boys teasing your boyfriend with how whipped he was and thirsty all the time. Thank you ☾ ☾ ☾ BTS Reaction To You Not Being Able To Control Your Offensive Humor Jin : When he first met you, he was surprised at how filthy your jokes were. I picked the reaction version because it’s quite difficult to come up with a long scenario on this subject. this is another BTS reaction as requested by @notmoose23 thanks honey you’re requests are actually hella fun to write :)) also this turned out a lot longer than I usually do hahahhahha yay sorry. BTS reacts to you being pushed down the stairs For the anon who requested this , hope you like it😍 . You didn’t want to sleep close to the other man and you wanted to keep your distance. He’d sigh and mutter mean things but he secretly liked having a sleeping buddy. Hi! Can I request a BTS reaction to their GF’s neck/upper back being super sensitive? Like whenever someone’s hand is even near their back they squirm out of the way, or whenever someone hugs them and presses their face into their neck they kinda squirm/cringe/giggle? BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. Because he wasn’t there to save you from that accident. BTS reaction to their S/O being super innocent ~ requested by @sugas-illegirl ~ Seokjin ~ It was late at night and all you did was sit on the couch comfortably, your boyfriends arms wrapped around you Joon often traveled, and had thing to do with BTS, so this only left the two of you, strengthening your bond. But as soon as you both were alone…. He was getting really sad when he saw that you wanted to eat, but afraid it will affect your weight, don’t eat. request: Will you do a reaction to them coming back from a late practice with the group and finding you sleeping on the couch from waiting on them. BTS Reaction: To you being insecure about your small breasts; Request: Hellooo, can I please request a BTS reaction to their s/o being part of the itty bitty titty committee (in other words having small ~) and maybe being insecure about it? shout out to us girls who weren’t very blessed in this department Can’t he? He would break after a few weeks. “I’m trying to sleep for a reason, I’m super tired from work this morning. ) BTS Reaction | you breaking down because of University stress. You both hug and he kisses you and you lead him to your room. Like it got whacked. Yoongi: As you opened the door, you were extremely surprised to see a small parcel on the front step along with a bouquet of roses on top of it. You ran off and began to cry. You slammed the door and plopped down at the edge of the bed. “ I’m sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that”. Seeing as you just wanted to sleep, Jungkook plopped down on the side of you. You also try having him sit sideways where he takes off the pressure simply with two feet on the ground. He was bts reaction: you ask them to teach you how to give a blowjob thank you for your request, hun! hope you enjoy it! xx → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: jin’s eyes would widen at your question His thrust were deep but slow, as always. Request: “ Can you do a bts reaction when they're s/o is half asleep and reaches . you look around and find yourself laying on the ground with Yoongi leaning over you. BTS Reaction to Being Told What to Do · BTS Reaction to You Being Afraid of the . you were pulling on your undershirt when jin saw the many scratches that he left behind and gasped. After BTS’s concert, both of you decided to visit a restaurant He hit you. BTS Reaction To You Accidentally Saying Something Inappropriate To Another Member In Korean Jin: You could understand Korean for the most part, but you still had some trouble with pronunciation. ” You clenched your fists and rushed off to your bedroom. BTS Reaction- Waking Up Next To You For The First Time so stupid as he invited you to stay at his and refused to let you sleep in a room alone because of how much While you are sleeping, he is on the verge of sleep when he hears it. He’d come through the door to see you reclined back on your couch with a blanket over you. You were really tired so you decided to lie down in your friend’s bed, you felt sleep taking over you and, as you would know, he wouldn’t bother if you use it, so you got comfortable, removing your bra, and fell asleep. There was no clock in your room and you didn’t have a phone, but it didn’t matter what time it was: you weren’t going back to sleep. You are safe this time…(You are Jungkook) Jimin: BTS REACTION TO YOU BEING DEPRESSED Trigger Warning ???? JIN: Jin will pull you in a tight hug and let you know he is always here for you no matter what. A/N: So guys, I hope you like this!I’ve written smut for other bands, but never for BTS, so this is my first time. the following content is (probably I’m not sure yet) for mature minds only ;) BTS REACTIONS: They growl during an argument, and you react unexpectedly. When you walked out, Jungkook had already finished eating and set the tray to the side. Jin smiles back carressing your You found your way into Yoongi’s Genius Lab, plopped yourself down on his lab and demand that he stop work and enjoy the fort with you. “Jimin, go away,” you kindly requested, burying your face into the pillow. BTS Reaction Request [Realizing They Really Love As Namjoon recited his speech for their win, you were sitting in your best friend Wendy’s living room drinking cocktails and playing board games. Cold bed. You woke up with a shout, cold sweat clinging to you. You were in the coffee shop, taking a sip from your hot cocoa as you quickly typed away in your laptop but that was until numerous of loud screams made your head snap towards the window. Lately you felt as if you didn’t even have a boyfriend. Cry himself to sleep every night because he couldn’t do more for you. Kyungsoo: “What is she doing?” *Really confused* Tao: “She does look pretty cute…” Chanyeol: “Jagi? Are you awake? You should probably sleep on our BTS Reaction | finding their crush asleep in a funny / cute position. BTS Reacts - Drunkenly Trying To Hook Up With Them request via dms: “a BTS react to you being drunk at a party and maybe try to hook up with him?” Park Jimin: Would be trying it hardest to not sweep BTS reaction when you pass out in the shower Thank yo so much for the request I hope you like it <3 J-Hope: *He’d panic and would be frozen to the spot and it wouldn’t be until he notices that you could drown then he’d help get you out and wake you up* BTS reaction to you sleeping with a giant stuffed animal. Anon: bts reaction nsfw, to you teasing them all day long so they come home, and go rough with you? like (spanking and a hard make out session, sadomasochism, etc) pleaseee I’d love it! your blog is so nice /loo BTS REACTION- To you never swearing (like ever) and suddenly spouting out a string of swears Inspired by my sudden shouts. He just grabbed a blanket and opted to sleep on the couch in his clothes, not wanting to bother you. You’re shaking and Kookie manages to catch you before your body can hit the cement floor. The worst thing is that you have not taken a shower or changed clothes in three whole days. if you both have already had sex i think he would cuddle you while you both slept, but if you guys havent done anything he would be nervous BTS Reaction; Accidentally Hitting You (Please Read Description Before Reading) Anon asked: Can I get an imagine/ Scenario where BTS they hit you while arguing and apologize then when they try to grab BTS get used to your sleeping habits I’ll give you a special Christmas reaction tomorrow (Saturday the 24th) but since many people don’t celebrate Christmas or just don’t like Christmas much, I’ll BTS REACTION TO THEIR S/O CUPPING THEIR FACE AND KISSING THEM Namjoon: He’d heard you come in the studio and he was quick to save his file so that he could turn his full attention towards you. BTS Reaction TO YOU TALKING/KICKING A LOT IN YOUR SLEEP —- Rap Monster: He’d woken you up when you kicked him in the side, mumbling something. BTS Reaction to waking up the next morning with no memory. Then it hit you like a ton of bricks. You couldn’t help but smile at him, making your way across the room to lay directly on top of him. He gazed at you like you were a disease he didn’t want to catch. BTS Reaction to you clenching around them. Once you calmed down he would ask you what was wrong and try to help you with your assignment before forcing you to get a proper sleep with him. He would make you count how many spanks he would give you for all the times you were being bratty. It was a stupid fight, I don't even know anymore what it was about. He would sing to you for hours until he is on 100% sure you are sleeping. BTS reaction to you waking up from a nap and seeking cuddles while they were with the boys Jin: Jin would smile as you walked out of his room with messy hair and rubbing your eyes. You were dating Jimin only for few weeks, BTS Reaction | Sex when the members could catch you. Bts Reaction To You Grinding On Them In Your Sleep (Maknae Line) I do not own any of the gifs in this post. His index finger landed on your lips to silence you. ” You breathed into his chest. BTS Reaction - You Getting Sick After Your First Time Seokjin - When you’d run off after your first time and start being sick Jin wouldn’t waste anytime and would immediately try to help you. BTS Reaction | meeting them again after you disappeared for 2 years without an explanation. BTS Reaction to you moaning in your sleep. BTS Reaction to finding you sleeping on a drawing of them. Originally posted by jiminsjamsjams. You stayed there for fifteen minutes before you felt like you could go back to bed. But the dog was too exhausted to even raise his head. Tis very naughty so shield your eyes and bathe yourselves in holy You were already deep asleep, you couldn’t help but let sleep take you when so close to Yoongi’s warm body. Hoseok. Jungkook just looked shocked. Bts reaction to you being sleepy after being angry Taehyung: Most people tried to control the anger in fear of their violent action but you? You tried to control it because the angrier you got the BTS-reaction to getting a kiss on the cheek from you Soekjin: You would be keeping him company while he eats. The perk being that your bunny has the most huggable waist. When you bite down on your lip coyly, he turns to look up at the ceiling, chuckling to himself. ” Originally posted by allforbts He is so pretty omg Min Yoongi Spanking Yoongi would make sure to spank you until their were bruises marking over your ass. He looked at you smiling sweetly in your sleep and when he kissed you gently on the cheek, you let out a whimpered 'I love you’ which caused him to giggle and pull you onto his chest, so he could feel your breath on his skin for the rest of the night. You run away from them . Originally posted by BTS Reaction to you teasing them all day Requested - NSFW . requested: x ️ masterlist ️ Seokjin: He had been coming home really late from practice almost every day due to the proximity of the BTS reaction to seeing the scratches they left on their boyfriends back exo version here JIN: jin wouldn’t notice it until the following morning when you were getting ready for work. Bts reaction where their s/o is terrified of the dark? But if there is no other way, he’ll feel shy and awkward while you both lay on the same bed either looking at the sealing or your back is facing his, and he’ll try to not move much while he’s sleeping. With Yoongi the fort wasn’t so boring. A pout formed itself on your face, and you looked down at the floor with sadness. You feel something inside you scream but you can’t voice it, all you do is stare at him dumbfounded until he turns away and leaves. He’d creep closer as quietly as he could and he’d lean over your shoulder. By the time you were able to move again and go to your apartment Jimin is in the process of packing his things, you notice that he no longer looks angry, just seems that he cried on his way as well. You sighed, deciding that it was time to finally go to bed. MTL (Most To Least) ~None Yet!~ Reactions. Jin:You had btswifi asked: BTS reaction to them accidentally hitting their girlfriend or pushing her off the bed when they are sleeping thank you~ Jin: He’d startle awake as soon as he heard the ‘thump’ of you hitting the floor. Taehyung sighed once more, not wanting to let his dog make his girlfriend happier than him. When you came back from your loo break, you watched as Yoongi lazily hit the side of the bed you was lying on. Requests are open! Jimin. You didn’t think you’d come home to see him laying with the puppy on his chest both fast asleep. Your thighs were pretty comfortable. Suga: You laughed lightly, reaching back and swatting his hand away from you. You couldn’t leave the house, you couldn’t sleep, Jungkook turned over on his side in his sleep, reaching out to snuggle into you. Anonymous said: BTS reaction to cuddling with and then you fall asleep on them? I don't know if you have got done this. It seemed to like you more than him. The way you were sleeping seemed… strange. Thank you ☾ ☾ ☾ BTS Reaction | Member walking in during heated make-out. 14 Nov 2015 BTS Reacts: Rolling on Top of Them While You're Sleeping Rapmon:on the outside: “So you're gonna to sexily lay on top of me and pretend to  19 Aug 2017 BTS reaction:You being half asleep and saying “come closer”to them. He would sit down besides you on the bathroom floor and wrap his arm around you and pull you close. by atricksterwithwings* . He kneed down and poked your cheek. So when you brought him lunch that day, to say you were surprised was an understatement. You got no sleep. I was having a bit of trouble coming up with some of these AND Could I request a yandere bts scenario or reaction (any member) where their girlfriend is arrested for getting into a fight in a club after the defied bts and snuck out of the house. BTS reaction: You having a spanking fetish JINAfter a long night of passionate love, Jin was laying beside you playing with your hair, you turned to him smiling at him. The last girl group that Big Hit had didn’t turn out well so he didn’t want the same thing to You belted as soon as you put two bags full of food down on the kitchen counter. His face would turn the second he saw your watery red eyes. You were currently at work and it seemed you hadn’t had any time to rest since you acquired this new job. You hand him your purse and he looks confused and opens it. Jimin- He would come come home excited to see you're face and he was looking for you and finally saw you asleep on the bed and he thought you were the cutest thing ever. He raised the phone above his head and took a selca, which he planned to share with the rest of BTS. “Eat your food, jerk. (you’re not a couple, it’s kind of a “friends who like each BTS reaction: You having a spanking fetish JINAfter a long night of passionate love, Jin was laying beside you playing with your hair, you turned to him smiling at him. ” Taehyung disappears from your side after slipping you that information. “I woke you up to tell you I’m bisexual. He needed a break anyway. This one is pretty funny so I hope I do it justice. You went forward with you nightly routine of your usual skin care and eventually changed and jumped under the covers. BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. bts reaction to you sleeping on the floor

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